Wii U CPU Clock Frequencies Below the Xbox 360 and PS3

Nintendo promised significantly greater processing capability in the recently released Wii U than in the preceding Wii console.
And yet, as far as chip architecture and clock speeds are taken in account, the specs seem to be a bit under the expectations.

Hacker Marcan claims to have identified the clock speed and some characteristics of the CPU. It appears that, Nintendo uses a variant of the IBM PowerPC 750 processor with three cores and a clock speed of 1.243125 GHz per core. The Wii had a PowerPC 750CL processor running at 729 MHz. The Wii U's graphics clock is 549.999755 MHz. The Wii's Hollywood GPU was clocked at 243 MHz.

Now, clock speed isn't everything in performance, and the specs somewhat correspond to developer claims -- though some of which are apparently already hitting their limits. Still, the clock speeds are significantly below compared to the ones used by rivals, as the PS3′s Cell CPU and the Xbox 360′s Xenon chip are clocked at over 3 GHz per core. The graphics chip in the Xbox 360 runs at 500 MHz, while the PS3's GPU is clocked at 550 MHz.

One may conclude that, the Wii U's CPU and GPU seem like a desperate compromise and fuel the speculation that Nintendo just had to counter Microsoft's Kinect quickly without having the time to engineer a new hardware foundation. One of the major compromises in the Wii U is that the console does not support two tablets running at the same time. When it does, it will have to scale back the frame rate of the game that is played.

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