Wear What You Want: Android Wear

Did you know that nearly 20 million wearable devices were shipped in 2014, according to research firm IDC. The firm forecasts that figure will jump to 45.7 million by the end of this year, and to 126.1 million units by 2019.

Android Wear grabbed nearly 16 percent of the total "smart wearable bands" market in 2014, according to research firm Canalys. That crop of devices includes watches powered by Android Wear -- such as Motorola's Moto 360 and Samsung's Gear Live. The Android Wear devices collectively made up 720,000 units of the total 4.6 million units sold last year. Motorola's Moto 360 was the best-selling Android Wear device of 2014, but Google's OS has a ways to go to catch up with competitors.

Motorola's Moto 360

Motorola's Moto 360

Android Wear offers a range of watches and apps that are fashionable as well as functional. Even more, the latest Android Wear update gets Wi-Fi, gestures, a new app launcher, emojis and many more. This should be good because any move towards better app launching system from google is a good one.

Always-on screen, always-on apps

Android Wear watches include an always-on screen which is now expanding to apps, so they can stay visible as long as you need them. The watch screen goes to black and white when you're not staring at it. Google is also also introducing a new hands-free feature, which lets you flick your wrist to the left and right to navigate back and forth between pages on the watch screen.

Android Wear Updates

Wi-Fi support

This is a feature that is very much appreciated, since you can leave your phone at home and Android Wear supports watches with built-in Wi-fi will be able to get notifications, send messages, and use all your favorite apps. It doesn't matter what Wi-fi connection you are on as it will use Google Cloud Messaging. And even more, you can ask your watch where your phone is.

App Launcher

The Apps will be just a tap away from the watch face just by touching the screen the apps will start and messages will be sent. Easy, isn’t it? Hundreds of different emojis will be draw directly on the watch screen and sent via message or text.

The company affirmed in September that users would be able to store songs on their watch, meaning they will be able to listen while on a jog. Another nice feature, isn’t that so?

These updates are coming to all seven Android Wear watches: Moto 360, LGG Watch, Asus ZenWatch, Samsung Gear Live, SmartWatch 3, LG G Watch R, and LG Watch Urbane. Compatibility with Apple's iPhones it might be sooner than we think. It's potentially the next frontier as it moves to more aggressively compete against Apple and the widening field of competitors. So, in case you don’t have one of them yet it might be the right moment for you to decide and make the best choice.

For more details about the Android updates read Android Wear: wear what you want, get what you need.

This is quite a substantial update and should make life with our smart watches even more enjoyable!

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