The new iPad Air - Thinner, lighter, faster!

Let’s put it in a nutshell: the new iPad Air delivers unprecedented performance in an impossibly thin and light package.

Front facing camera is much improved and makes for a FaceTime augmented experience all on the Retina Display that makes the images look great.

The uncool part is that the fingerprint scanner introduced on the iPhone 5S is missing and that translates in still needing to type in the passcode…

Also, when you compare the price tag, it’s pretty steep compared to the competition – an iPad Air starts at $499 for 16 GB

Ipad Air

Functionally, it is nearly identical to the last year’s model – well it provides for a faster performance and better video chatting. But the design factor and the aesthetics are from another planet! IT IS the best full size tablet on the market.

Apple has not delivered a radically changed design or I should say redesign since the second gen of the iPad. The first one was bulky, but followed 11 months later by a slicker version. That stayed pretty much the same for 2.5 years. Though those years, two moments have brought improved chips and better displays, but nothing like the current iPad that makes you feel that you truly have something new in your hand.

And here it is: the iPad Air, or we should call it the fifth generation of the iPad line. Delivered in a proper exterior redesign, crafted substantially thinner and lighter but still, despite this significant exterior reduction, the iPad Air maintains the battery life comparable to its predecessor, but offering significantly better performance.

It’s still the premium-priced choice, just as it’s always been, but as the market continues to shift, offering more and increasingly sophisticated alternatives at far cheaper prices it gets tougher. Tablets like the Kindle Fire HDX and Google Nexus 10 puts a strong competition on the new iPad Air from the outside but also from within Apple’s own ranks with the upcoming iPad Mini with Retina Display pulls pressure in the iPad Air - it has to be better than ever.

We think it is. What is your opinion about it? And experience?

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