The coolest piece of hardware launched by Microsoft – The New Sculpt Ergonomic keyboard and mouse

New Sculpt

The most common thing we can see around us nowadays is that everywhere you go and anywhere you work, everybody is typing. Most of you spend a large percentage of your life typing; whether it’s before work over a mail, on your smartphone, at work, after work doing some personal research or catch up on your correspondence again…it’s always happening, it’s part of your life on daily basis.

As the thing we regularly touch more than anything else is a set of keys that we press thousands of times per day, investing in a well-designed keyboard is a smart decision. Unfortunately way too many people execute their work with unsuitable hardware.

Ergonomic keyboards are designed to fit your hands and the natural bent of your arms so naturally, that they feel great when using one. The Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop keyboard is attractive and a pleasure to type on.

The Sculpt is wireless, but doesn’t lean on Bluetooth, so you won’t have that particular nightmare. It does have a single drawback though as it doesn’t have the key action that many may be accustomed to.

The num pad is quite simple.

The new keyboard is the latest evolution of the Microsoft Natural Keyboard, first launched nearly 20 years ago. Some might say that these new ergonomic peripherals are ‘the next evolution of ergonomic products from Microsoft’ and their design is to ‘promote healthy computing principles’.

As about the discomfort issues, they are totally solved now. All these after Microsoft’s ‘Healthy Computing’ research that concluded in “…of the people we surveyed from around the world, 85% of them said they experience discomfort on a daily basis as a result of their workspace setup". Therefore the decision of Microsoft was to “create something beautiful without sacrificing the ergonomic benefits provided by the industry-renowned Natural Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse".

Its design allows users to place their wrists and forearms in the most natural and relaxed way, so their hands would reach the keys in comfort. The ergonomic design is brought up to date using the Microsoft Sculpt look.
The keyboard contains all the modern shortcut keys one might expect, such as those for media playback and also, it includes extra Windows 8 keys for charms, multitasking and snap views.

As far as the new Sculpt Mouse goes, its design will “reduce the contact between desktop surface and the underside of your hand, which helps minimize carpal tunnel pressure" according to Microsoft. To make it even cooler, the mouse is also provided with a Windows button, a back button and four-way scroll wheel.

It all sounds so helpful, healthy and cool that it really makes you want to have this new Sculpt Ergonomic keyboard and mouse first thing in the morning.

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