The Best Projectors Under $ 1,000

BenQ HT-series HT1075 1080P - 2,200 ANSI
Lumen 3D Full HD Home Theater Projector

Experience cinematic quality right in your home with the HT1075. Delivering 2,200 lumens, the HT1075 allows you to enjoy accurate, crisp, and long-lasting colors with BenQ Colorific technology. It offers streaming content wirelessly. Built for flexibility, allows to project up to 100 inches of image real estate at a distance just under 8 feet away, rendering it as apt for the living room as the bedroom. It takes viewing experience to the next level.

BenQ HT-series HT1075 1080P

The built-in 10W resonant chamber speaker is expertly tuned to enhance the HT1075's audio playback quality with deeper base tones, offering you a truly immersive audio performance that's free of stereo speaker wiring troubles. Four preset sound modes and one equalizer setting are available for you to match to the music of your choice for the most optimal audio enjoyment.

The customers said: “The BenQ HT1075 brings a unique experience that will raise you above what you may have been used to before so that you really cannot go back to a regular TV, regardless of size.” Buy here

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