Surface 2 – creativity and perseverance

Once again Microsoft shows us that they remain committed to the hardware business for tablets and why not, for PC’s and all that despite the recent focus on Nokia Windows Phones.

microsoft surface

Just as in the past, about a decade ago, Microsoft demonstrated that they persevere in creating premium products. Fully controlled hardware and service experience. This will create more contrast with the low-end devices loaded with Windows. The expectation is that they will have to create a distinguish branding for the label to distinguish these premium hardware offerings that many buyers will still focus on.

The new Surface devices has better:

  • performance,
  • battery life,
  • kickstand,
  • displays,
  • and more.

Also, with the new improvement, a wide range of new accessories — such as dock, battery and backlit keyboard covers, and more. All these are solid proof of an expanding hardware ecosystem.

The Surface Remix, a musical controller that magnetically clicks in like the TouchCover, is a very creative and novel addition to the possibilities of mobile devices.

The real strength of this device is however the breadth and capacity of the online ecosystem for consumers and enterprises that they’ve built with the Microsoft account, SkyDrive, Office 365, and Azure. The online forms the foundation for serving the growing “digital” individuality that one is building in the websphere.

The measure of the success of Microsoft’s hardware will come in the context of the Windows 8.1 OS and especially the downloads and sales of apps in the Windows Store. For that, we’ll have to wait for the jury to deliberate until the fall of 2014, as the market absorbs the so called significant improvements in Windows 8.1.

In the end, the most important question is whether the Surface line, especially the ARM-powered Surface 2 (as opposed to the Intel-powered Surface Pro 2), will provide for Microsoft a place at the table in the mobile tablet realm – will they manage to take a slice of the pie? It is only natural to expect a long, slow road against the huge tablet ecosystems that Google’s Android and Apple iOS have built up, but I guess they have never been afraid of a new challenge.

Microsoft is working intensely to get most of the mainstream mobile apps on Windows modern and Windows Phone and with that to get their users to start using them. Surface products, Windows 8.1, and Windows Phone are very credible platforms for Microsoft and its OEMs. For now, the best results that they can hope for is to keep them in play, working hard to get developers to recognize and build for their mobile platform.

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