Smart Homes - Part 2

Connected homes! Now that’s the future.. or should we say the present of our smart homes? SmartThings have demonstrated us that easy, simple and affordable is possible when talking about transforming your home into an smart home.

“The SmartThings Hub and family of devices offer everything you need to start experiencing a safer, smarter home. Simply open the box, follow the on-screen instructions in our easy-to-use app, and you can begin using your smartphone like a remote to control your connected things in as little as 15 minutes.”

SmartThings Hub boxes

It is the an easy and affordable way to transform your home into a smart home. How? As simple as possible. SmartThings created easy-to-use sensors that can be placed in the home, or anywhere you want. Through SmartThings they will communicate with each other and create the most accessible and advanced open platform for the Internet of Things. The device will notify about important things that happen at home when you’re away and control household objects. The owner can secure his home, control energy use, and trigger things in them home or office to perform different actions when people or pets are present–wherever they are. SmartThings help you stay up to date by knowing when the family members come home, or specific objects are moved from their usual spot, get immediate alerts and transform their daily life by doing more and worrying less.

Beneath all of these device integrations is the SmartThings Platform, where an open network of over 5,000 developers and others can formally submit system hacks and innovations for SmartThings' approval. It as a singular space where customers can go to create, discover, or connect just about any smart-home setup they can think of.

The SmartThings iOS app is packed with features and is easy to navigate. There are three main views; Dashboard, Things, and Apps. The Things view displays each connected device and their current status. Here you can turn devices on and off, add new devices, and configure existing devices. The Dashboard view contains five of the most widely used device categories, including Home and Family, Doors and Locks, Lights and Switches, Damage and Danger, and Motion. In the Dashboard view you can check the current status of people and connected devices, as well as view recent activity.

The cool thing about SmartSense is that you can have SmartThings turn on lights, unlock doors, and send text messages when someone arrives home. Likewise, you can have it turn things off and lock up when someone leaves.

With the conclusion drawn by the PCMagazine reviewer pretty much convinced me to leave my home and family in the hands of SmartThings Hub and start enjoying the limitless opportunities. “As more and more affordable home-automation products hit the market, consumers will be looking for a hub that will unify all of their devices seamlessly and a single app to control them. As of now there is no clear winner in the race to become "the" do-it-all solution, but there are plenty of players, and each one has something unique to offer. The Revolv hub supports a variety of wireless protocols, but is expensive, and the Staples Connect hub, while relatively inexpensive, offers limited device control and has a somewhat buggy app. The SmartThings Hub is also inexpensive and it too has limitations, but it has one thing the other two don't: the SmartThings Labs. That, and a developer community dedicated to integrating lots of devices into the SmartThings family, puts the SmartThings Hub at the top of the home-automation pack.”

We were all waiting for a system to connect all our small system and to take the controlling role over them. This should make our lives much easier. SmartThings proved so far that through growing number of partnerships and product integrations, along with an increasingly energized developer base and a revamped app that moves the needle toward greater accessibility, they are creating the best system that will rule them all. Only time will tell if this is true or false.

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