Shure SRH145m+ The Best Affordable Headphones

The Portable Collapsible Headphones with Remote and Microphone Compatible with All Apple iOS Devices.

The affordable on-ear headphones are just great and outstanding for the sound quality and the selling price. But, let’s say it from the very beginning that if you are looking for professional headphones these are not the ones.

They are great for the music lovers that want to drag them everywhere for listening their favorite music, but do not want to spend a lot of money with them.

Shure SRH145m+

They deliver a smooth and relatively accurate sound, with good detail and accurate tonal balance. While the bass isn't incredibly powerful, it does have good definition, and the headphone should work well with a variety of music.

The m+ version of the headphone has an integrated Apple friendly inline remote and microphone (not all features will work with Android and Windows phones, but you can make calls). The standard SRH145 has no remote and costs a little less (about $10). You can be the judge of this investment.

The headphones fold but don't come with any sort of carrying case. The collapsible attribute is welcomed if you want to put them away for a while when travelling.

The collapsible Shure SRH145m+

The ear pads are comfortable to wear for a long period of time, without hurting the ears. You would sometimes forget they are even there!

They have a two-year warranty which is considered a big plus for many can come in hand for many customers.

The Shure SRH145m+ which sells in the US for $49 online, is among the best affordable headphones available, offering very good sound quality for the money involved.

According to the CNET’s contributor Steve Guttenberg which compared the SRH145 to the MonoPrice 8323: "The SRH145 is clearer than the 8323, bass texture and definition are better too, but the 8323's bass sounds more powerful than the SRH145's. Jeff Tweedy's vocals and acoustic guitar on Wilco's 'Summerteeth' album pop out of the mix more over the SRH145; the 8323 sounds hollow, not all there." It also has an Apple-friendly integrated inline remote/microphone for making calls and the headphones.

If you are interested in all the features of the Shure SRH145m+visit

The affordable Shure SRH145m+ headphones deliver strong performance for a reasonable price.

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