Razer - Project Christine

Some of you have seen this at CES in Las Vegas last January. Other, didn't get a chance. So here is a peak on a product that does not have a price ... yet, and like in the auto industry it represents a concept that may convert to serial production in the future, in a shape or functioning mode close to the presented prototype.

Razer has never made a desktop PC before, so, since the reinvention of the desktop PC launched by Mac Pro, they decided to have a say in the history of desktops.

Razer has always come with unique design concepts. This one is no different – Project Christine is a prototype mock-up of a modular future PC with a high end gaming rig that will allow the user to use different modules.

Razer Christine

The previous models - the Razer Blade and Razer Edge - as its first products have shown the design potential of the company's team, but Project Christine is above all: a central rack that holds plug-in parts that sprout from the sides, thus building a tower that can hold any combination. It looks cool and futuristic at the same time.

What is even more appealing is the cooling system that uses mineral oil. The bottom module holds the cooled mineral oil while dual pressure valve systems in each module take the cooling agent through.

Razer proposes modules for RAM, graphics, speakers, Blu-ray drives and a visual LED control and maintenance module that can be ordered separately and if needed upgraded occasionally. Per Razer’s say, they would like to see manufacturers build parts to the spec as well.

This whole thing looks like a Sci-fi hardware, or a dream that is way too complicated to see through, but Razer has held on to its promises in the past through projects like Fiona that became the gaming tablet Razer Edge in real life.

After all, they are just showing signs of smart design, and this is one of the best-looking things to look forward to.
For more details please check out Razer's Web site.

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