Not a Question of IF, but Rather of WHEN... Soon.

These are simple statistics not so much technical, but it means a lot to the technical world. It means the hardware continues on a heavy mobile development trend. Here it is.

Currently in the US consumers currently own smartphones in a percentage that is over 66%, with a major increase from 44% in 2011.

That places the mobile platforms of smartphones over the gaming consoles and digital cable. Translated in figures this places gaming consoles at 46% and digital cable at 54%, so simple math shows us the leap that smartphones have experienced in the last couple of years.

The provider of such news is the Nielsen's Digital Consumer Report that was just released this week. It is a clear sign of the growth that technology has been manifested in the nation in the past years.

Smartphones in a circle

Another finding in the report shows that the average adult person in the U.S. owns about four mobile devices and spends 60 hours a week consuming content on them while half of smartphone users access social networks each day. Even more, and I see that in my son (and do not really fully understand, is that 84% use a mobile device while watching TV).

The bulk majority of the smartphone owners will spend most of their time (86% to be more exact) using apps, and only about 14% of their time surfing the web on the device.

This piece of news makes sense and is in accordance with the recently announced report from Gartner Research that indicates a global sales of 968 million units in 2013 for smartphones, while making a 53.6% of all mobile phone sales of last years.

  • Samsung takes 31% of the total market and
  • Apple 15.6%
  • Huawei 4.8%
  • LG Electronics 4.8%
  • Lenovo 4.5%.

From the OS perspective, Android smartphones take 78.4% of market share and are followed by Apple iOS (15.3%) and Microsoft Windows (3.2%). Unfortunately for them, in 2013, BlackBerry reeled in just 1.9% market share.

With that it only remains a question of time when and how soon with smartphones take all or most of the market. Surely not a question of “if” that will happen, but rather “when”. Pretty soon!

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