Nokia Makes its Entrance to the “Phablet World” with the Lumia 1520

Nokia officially pulled back the curtains on the Lumia 1520. It’s very clear that the company isn’t backing down from the challenge laid down by its mobile rivals.

One could still argue that Nokia is just struggling to play catch up in a market that has already embraced these kind of big-screen devices, and those people would have a point.

nokia phablet

However with a huge display, a remarkable camera and Windows mobile, the Nokia Lumia 1520 looks like a pretty interesting piece of kit.

It seems that the first ‘phablet’ for a Windows phone has arrived with the six inch Nokia 1520.

The ‘live tiles’ that you may be recognizing from Windows 8 are also present on the mobile OS and with the large screen available here with the 1520, there is now extra space for a few more with a third row of them on the display. This might just provide users a different and more enjoyable experience of Windows mobile on a huge screen.

The Xperia Z Ultra was a similar size and while it is big, it’s a great multimedia device. If the two are anything alike, we can also expect some more accessories and smaller devices down the line to make this easier to interact with when on the move.

The camera also shows quality, and while it’s not as powerful as the 41 MP 1020, it’s still a cut above a lot of the competition at 20MP.

The image itself can be shared, as the 1520 produces a low-res copy of it for more practical uses and sharing, and the 20MP version is stored for your use later on if you need it. It also has four separate microphones which can capture audio, and it captures video at 1080p at 30fps, so you can expect that the quality of video you can get will be decent. Nokia claims the battery life will be good as well - being capable of around 11 hours of video playback.

They announced the 1320 as well, which has a few specs pared down for the consumer who wants a ‘phablet’ but not the price tag of the higher end 1520.

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