Microsoft’s Offer - $200 Store Credit for Used iPads

"Gently used" iPads can be exchanged for Microsoft products, like Surface tablets, as Microsoft has launched a US marketing offer that opens up the opportunity to do so. The company offers at least a $200 token to go towards products such as the Surface RT and the Surface Pro.

iPad & Surface tablet

Microsoft has been engaged in an aggressive US marketing campaign to try to tempt Apple iPad users to buy Windows-based tablets. Therefore, Microsoft launched an iPad v Windows comparison website, coupled with head-to-head advertising campaigns. Unfortunately, Microsoft has also experienced problems in trying to sell Surface devices.

Microsoft doesn't want people to have an iPad so much that they offer $200 in order to convince everyone to give up their iPads. So, Microsoft is quietly putting on a promotion that allows customers to turn in one "lightly" used iPad two, three, or four(it’s up to everyone to decide) for up to $200 store credit. They don't want you to leave without another tablet, though: the promotion is likely set up to get you to turn in your iPad and leave with a Microsoft Surface tablet. Therefore, if you're in the mood for a change of scenery, Windows might be a good switch.

The promotion is valid through October 27th only at select Microsoft retail stores in the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada, not online. To be eligible for trade-in, the iPads must include a power cord and must not be password-protected.

Nothing like a deal to put us in a good mood, right? So, if you have a Microsoft Store near you or plan on visiting one between now and October 27th you should know that: besides the fact that you’ll get a minimum $200 gift card for the Microsoft Store, you’ll also want to refresh your iPad and remove any data on there. Once you’ve done that you’re $200 closer to a new Surface tablet. Microsoft's $200 (£150) gift certificate offer is valid in its bricks and mortar stores. A Surface RT tablet costs $349, and a Surface Pro retails at $799.

Now, whether you spend that gift card on a Surface or Xbox One is of course completely up to you.

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