Hoverboard Safety Measurements

Have you planned to buy a hoverboard soon? If so, you have to know that it is less and less available in stores. And this because of the government's notice sent to all manufacturers, importers, retailers of self-balancing scooters, that the devices are unsafe. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reached a conclusion after its months-long investigation into the safety hazards posed by hoverboards. This was that no hoverboard currently on the market can be deemed safe.

The CPSC "considers self-balancing scooters that do not meet the safety standards referenced above to be defective, and that they may present a substantial product hazard", reads the agency's notice. "Consumers risk serious injury or death if their self-balancing scooters ignite and burn. ... Should the staff encounter such products at import, we may seek detention and/or seizure. In addition, if we encounter such products domestically, we may seek a recall of these products."

All Hoverboards Unsafe, U.S. Government Declares by Mashable

This wasn’t a recall by itself, but certainly will prompt recalls from major retailers and manufacturers. This week, the largest retailer in the U.S., Walmart, has joined the ranks of stores halting from selling hoverboards. On this list we should also mention: Bed, Bath & Beyond; Amazon; Target; Toys "R" Us; Modell's. The retailers will have to announce their position regarding the unsafety problem of the hoverboards and will see their reaction in the near future.

In complying with the CPSC's requirements Swagway, one of the most high profile hoverboard brands announced their consumers to stop using its device. At this point, the company has not offered any details on possible refunds to customers who purchased the device. "We will issue a recall if necessary, as soon as we fully understand the exact specifics that need to be addressed according to the CPSC requirements and will offer a remedy for our customers accordingly," says Swagway's spokesperson.

But even with the CPSC's official notice in place, it will be difficult to track down all the smaller retailers selling the devices online and in small street shops.

Hoverboard Safety Measurements

Hoverboard Safety Measurements

If you were among the "lucky" receivers of the most wanted 2015 Christmas gift here is what you need to know:

  • Every single hoverboard sold in the U.S. right now is unsafe. CPSC declares that any device without UL certification (not just the charger) "poses an unreasonable risk of fire to consumers."
  • The current number of hoverboards with that certification is zero.
  • Follow the recalls from the company that produced your hoverboard. If there won’t be any you'll have to decide whether or not you want to continue riding your hoverboard.
  • If you don’t want to use it anymore, you have to figure out how to safely dispose of it.
  • If you bought your hoverboard from a local store or retailer, you might be able to return it, especially if it's within 30 days of purchase. Probably bringing the CPSC letter with you would be a great idea.
  • How to safely store it. You can let the hoverboard battery drain down and then put it on a shelf in your garage or shed. Do not store it plugged in.

What you plan to do with your current hoverboard is up to you, but being well informed about this subject is a necessity that might have significant outcomes.

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