Google Glasses

Google glasses, who wouldn't like to have $1500 to break on a pair? And although the main appeal of Google Glasses lies in the camera and the smart circuitry located above the right eye, still people would like to have options when it comes to frames and lenses. After all smartglasses are still glasses.

Now you can choose from a number of frames on your Ggs. Google has announced the Titanium Collection for Google Glass. It includes four new extra-light titanium frames as well as two new styles of twist-on shades.

Nothing new and revolutionary about these frames – they function like any prescription regular frames. The names are somewhat fun: Split, Thin, Bold and Curve. Add some shades with the “Twist on” system in a total of three varieties again with cool names: Edge, Classic and Active. If you are not happy with the current offer, no problem – as with everything, Google claims more styles will be coming.

Google Glasses

The availability of the new styles to Explorers (selected users who've participated in the Google Glass beta program) comes as a $225 upgrade option this week Tuesday afternoon. Qualified users who need prescription lenses and have vision insurance from VSP can get subsidized frames and lenses.

This whole move is positioning Glass as a customizable lifestyle accessory for the first time but also as an available option for people that already need to wear glasses. It also starts a new area in the eyewear industry – the new “smart eyewear”.

Google Glass is not yet available on widespread consumer release. After the rollout of the explorer program in the USA this year, the firm plans a consumer launch in the USA toward the end of 2014.

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