‘Google Glass’ Update Precedes New Hardware

Google has released a software update for Glass, its wearable computing device – while preparing release of the Glass Development Kit and to give early adopters the opportunity to trade-in the first version of Glass for a revised model.

The software update (XE11) improves Google Calendar integration, navigation, screencasts and setup as well.

Also, in order to facilitate searching for Google Calendar entries through Glass, users are now able say, "Ok Glass, google my agenda" or "Ok Glass, google what I'm doing next week" to identify appointments and other plans they may have. However, calendar search requires use of Gmail and permission to search private content.

A woman wearing the Google Glass wearable computing device

Great news for those who get lost easily as the update adds the concept of "Home" and "Work" from Google Maps. Google users who have "Home" or "Work" locations set up through ‘Google Maps’ or ‘Google Now’, are offered the possibility to ask for directions towards these locations.

Creating a screencast to display what Glass users see on a mobile phone has been simplified with the addition of a screencast shortcut. By selecting the "Start screencast" option beneath the MyGlass notification screen in the notification drawer, Glass users can transmit the content of their Glass screen to a nearby Android phone. Screencasting requires the MyGlass app though, which is only available for Android devices at the moment.

In addition Google is preparing to release the long-awaited Glass Development Kit (GDK), which will allow developers to create Glassware using Android programming tools. The currently available Glass Mirror API provides a more limited form of access.

Google stated that their plan is to offer improved Glass hardware to participants in its Glass Explorer program. The revised device will include an earpiece, too - as a way to offer better audio than the bone-conduction technology used in first generation Glass units.

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