Delayed gratification!

Delayed gratification! Works in your favor more than you think!

Related to what you may ask? Well, hold on to your money or renewing that contract with your carrier. Want more specifics? Here are a few reasons NOT to indulge yourself in getting the new Samsung Galaxy S5... While it may have some nice features, new fingerprint sensor, better screen (maybe soon we will have to upgrade our eyeballs in order to see the high quality of the screens), and better battery life, there are still a few reasons why you should hold on to your money, for now...

Back of the S5 Samsung

Some have to do with the look, size and design - like... size wise, so similar to S4, that is a splendid machine and little difference between the two machines is not justifying the upgrade if you have one of those already. If you do not have an S4, then for sure they are going on sale these days, so get one at a very low price!

Another reason is the timing! The soon to be released iPhone 6... or the fall projected Note 4 will make your wait worthwhile! The Note is not so much of a statement these days since size in the regular size phones has increased significantly over the last year, so switching to phablet may be just what you want to do soon. Timing also refers to the Android upgrade ... the announced Android 5.0 is what users are waiting for and you do not want a phone that is waiting for an upgrade that may patch things... what if Google will release the 64 bit version so much requested that will allow manufacturers to move on to faster processors?

Plus, the back of the S5 looks like a huge band aid! Is really the impression that you want to make... that you are hurting, or best case... healing?

So, delay your gratification to get a S5 Samsung, but hey, do what you feel has more pros than cons!

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    Monday, March 17, 2014, 10:41
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