Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

The Thanksgiving holiday of 2013 has come and gone. Family time, good food – turkey based J - and football… all getting you ready for the big battle of electronics!

Black Friday!

The question that remains, however, is whether Black Friday is worth the effort, is this the day to get the most bang for your hard-earned money, or is it Cyber Monday, or what? Should one skip Black Friday altogether and wait until Cyber Monday to see if there are any better deals?
If you want a short answer and stop here, then that answer is “No.”

The big secret, despite its name – Cyber Monday – is actually pretty poor for tech deals.

In the analysis of the last two years of Black Friday/CyberMonday, has revealed that Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday are the best options.

The best deals on Thanksgiving are on phones, TVs and games. The average increase on these is 229% than on Cyber Monday.

On Black Friday, the big winners are laptops and computer hardware —especially hard drives and other storage—The above mentioned analysts have found 85 percent more deals for those items on Friday than on Monday.

The big winner on Cyber Monday? Surprisingly, is the undefeated heavyweight champion when it comes to clothing and shoe deals. While there may be still a few good deals on Cyber Monday, the volume of consumer electronic deals decreases significantly.

Because everyone now shops all weekend on their fancy high-speed Internet connections, Cyber Monday is too late for retailers. They have focused their marketing efforts on Black Friday and pre-Black Friday sales out of the fear that sitting on the sidelines until Cyber Monday means finding consumers who’ve already spent their Christmas budgets a week earlier, says

So, even though, the biggest discounts and deals do not come to the top of the line products, still, you can find good gifts for the family and friends, on Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday… in that order, or not.

Happy hunting!

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