Bigger is Better, now!

Bigger Than Your Face or Your Hand?

Am I Talking About your Next Phone?

A 6 inch Subway sandwich or your next phone, or should I call it phablet? Samsung Galaxy Mega is the same size of a sub, or a Grande size coffee from Starbucks. That makes it potentially bigger than your face, hand or pocket.


The time of small and smaller phones is over. Bigger, really big ones are now reigning the land of the modern phone. In the last few weeks, Nokia, HTC and LG have released phones that range between 5.5 and 6.3 inch displays. More are on the way as Microsoft and Android have the software features to support the bigger displays.

These tablets that with full phone function are commonly called phablets. What is the purpose of such a monster? The reason behind it is simple – why carry a phone (3 - 4.3 inch size) and a tablet (7-10 inch usually in size) when you can carry just one device with an intermediate size.

Most phablets come with displays that have a 1080p or 1920x1080 resolution, providing for a very crisp and high-quality picture. The reason behind owning it is “the bigger screen.” It is better for watching movies, looking at photos, and more “room” for browsing and typing. Some manufacturers are adding in some tricks – like Samsung’s App and Pen. These add features that take advantage of the roomy display so you can take handwritten notes.

Are all these for you? Depends – if you’ve got large hands it seems like a good fit, but otherwise it can be a stretch trying to reach the call button with one hand. Also, the assumption is that these devices will be more popular with men, but on the other hand, women are attracted to the bigger screen and portability is not that much of an issue since they carry purses or bags..


While the average pocket is 4x4 inches, it might be a challenge for the pocket user, fortunately one does not need deep pockets to afford a phablet. Costs between $150 and $299 with a 2 year contract make them quite affordable.

It might not be the one for you, but like I said, the time for the smaller phones are long gone. Now is for bigger, better and more … and your pockets better be prepared!

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