Apple iWatch release rumors?

Wearable tech, may be the next big thing – the company to make that desirable is no one else but Apple.

Rumours are flying about an Apple iWatch - but which rumours seem most likely? Let's find out what time it is.

The iWatch - a mega project

According to Bloomberg, Apple has a team of around 100 designers working on "a wristwatch-like device that may perform some of the tasks now handled by the iPhone and iPad". That's based on conversations with "two people familiar with the company's plans".

That means people from all parts of Apple: not just iPad and iPhone engineers but software developers, managers and marketers too. Again, that's according to yet more Bloomberg's inside sources.

CEO Tim Cook even hinted at the iWatch during an investors' meeting in February 2013 when he told investors that "obviously we're looking at new categories" which is the same thing, right?

The iWatch release date – unknown, not to mention the mystery of its pricing

If you make a memory effort, before the iPad launch everyone thought it'd be $1,000, right? Now we laugh at that…

But until we know more specifically what it will do, we have no idea what it will cost. And all of that is just speculation for now.

As for a release date, we're a little more clued-in. Some of Bloomberg's sources have opined that for sure we'll see it launch in 2013, but again, just a rumor based on some “sources.”

The iWatch has curved Gorilla Glass

"Apple is experimenting with wristwatch-like devices made of curved glass, "says the NYT's Nick Bilton, quoting "people familiar with the company's explorations". The glass "can curve around the human body" and may be Corning's just-announced Willow Glass, which "can flop as easily as a piece of paper in the wind without breaking."

Adding credence to this particular supposition is the fact that Apple has patented a '90s slap-band style form factor which would require such a flexible display. Apple's patented plenty of tech that never sees the literal light of day - we can't help but hope this isn't one of those.

Lots of stuff included and most likely real!

The iWatch is going to have Bluetooth and a 1.5 inch display, it may have Siri, Maps and maybe even health monitoring capabilities. The iWatch is definitely real, because the WSJ knows about it

When Apple leaks, those leaks tend to end up in the Wall Street Journal -and look! The WSJ has been talking to "people briefed on the effort"! They say that Apple "is experimenting with watch-like designs" and has "discussed such a device with its major manufacturing partner Hon Hai Precision Industry Co", although the "capabilities that Apple is exploring for wearable devices remain unclear."

The iWatch won't do everything an iPhone or iPod does

Bluetooth means it doesn't need to, so the Apple Watch is more likely to work like a Pebble Smartwatch. But when looking at history, we learn about Apple one thing – that they do not necessarily want to be the first to launch a product, they let a few others experiment first. They did just that with tablets for more than a decade. Then, when they feel confident enough, or satisfied with their product, they bring out the killer product.

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